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Making with nanoparticles, ASMbly 2014, Thursday 4th Sept

magnetic nanoparticles under a microscope Dr Johanna Galloway from Leeds University has made some magnetic nanoparticles for us to have a play around with at ASMbly.

Magnetic nanoparticles are very small magnets (50 nm = 0.000005 cm).

When suspended in liquid, they can be moved around and manipulated by externally applied magnetic fields using permanent magnets. This can form dynamic sculptures as the magnetic nanoparticles climb up and down metal objects by moving the magnets towards and away from an object.

Magnetic nanoparticles climbing up a screw.

Magnetic nanoparticles climbing up a screw.

On Thursday 4th September, any time between 4pm-7pm, you can drop into to ASMbly and have a hands-on play around with magnetic nanoparticles.

If you are interested in collaboration or new materials (or both) this is a good way to get started, and leaves enough time to make something for the final exhibition on September 9th.

In the spirit of ASMbly, we’ll provide as much support as we can muster on the day, and after that you’ll be able to figure it out for yourself. Jo is happy for people to get in touch :-)

Here’s how Jo made the them:


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