bioLeeds is a group of people interested in art, design and making with biology in Leeds city region.

Jo Leng

Dr. Leng is a computational scientist and visualisation expert, with a background in physics, biology and engineering. Having written the book on computational science, Jo is easily an expert in her field and has a keen interest in translating scientific concepts into distinctly more tangible substances and fits in very well with the group at large.

Jo was also instrumental in setting up bioLeeds, and has helped push the group to just go ahead with many projects, such as the market stalls and guerilla pub experiments. Jo’s interest in citizen science and DIYbio is probably her main impetus for involvement, and you can be certain that, along with her cheery attitude, it infects other members of the group resulting in things like building microscopes from scratch…

More on her work can be found on Jo’s personal site.


Jo has worked with Andy, Paul, Jo & Joe on the Market Stall projects and Guerilla Pub experiments. At ASMblyII, Jo was also keen to get involved with some balloon modelling, and worked with Paul on a bio-mechanical sensor project that will hopefully be picked up again when they both have some time!
Currently, Jo is involved in the Archibio, Sugar Forest and Surface Structure projects for 2015.