bioLeeds is a group of people interested in art, design and making with biology in Leeds city region.

Lars Jeuken

Dr. Lars Jeuken is a bionanotechnologist in the Astbury Centre at the University of Leeds. He runs the Jeuken Group with over 10 scientists that try very hard to understand biology on the nanoscale, while using nanotechnology and other physical disciplines to come up with cool ways to study exploit biology in energy production and biomedical science. Lars used a TEDx talk to explain how biotechnology can help in our energy needs.

In bioLeeds, Lars aims to improve his understanding of how biology is formed at the nanoscale and how our perceptions and misperceptions can inform (or misinform) on what happens on the nanoscale.

Lars joined bioLeeds very recently, but is extremely excited by the ground already covered. He is currently involved with the Archibio project.