bioLeeds is a group of people interested in art, design and making with biology in Leeds city region.

ASMbly 2013, 2014

extracting Kiwi fruit DNA at the bioLeeds Workshop, ASMbly 2013, Leeds ASMbly 2013 (Artists. Scientists. Makers.) was a week-long popup lab in an empty furniture showroom in Leeds.

The lab was collectively organised by some of the people who take part in the regular Superposition events, as a venue where artists, scientists and makers could work in the same place and have chance to compare and contrast their ways of creating, and sharing, new knowledge.

The first bioLeeds event took place at ASMbly 2013, and bioLeeds participants will be making new things at ASMbly 2014, which starts on Monday 1st September at Live Art Bistro (LAB), 1-2 Regent Street, LS2 7QA, it’s here, opposite Maplins, ending with an exhibition on Tuesday 9th September.

ASMbly is open to anyone who wants to take part, and if you’d like to come along and work on your own idea, collaborate with people with different skills and knowledge, or help with someone else’s idea, get in touch through bioLeeds or Superposition, and we can give you some support and guideance for getting started. You’re not expected to be at the lab full time – come as little or as often as you enjoy and your work needs.


bioLeeds stall at Leeds market

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Meet us at Leeds Market Saturday 2nd August and pick up some science

BioLeeds has a stall at Leeds Market on Saturday 2nd August from 12.00pm-3.00 pm, where we are doing some bio-science and art based fun activities to engage with the public of Leeds. Join us to pick up some science with your weekly shop:

1. Test your sense of smell with a few mysterious scents.

2. Take a cell-fie: using your own cells and a home-made microscope we can build your portrait, and give you a copy to take home.

3. Do some fruit and veg chromatography.

We’ll be in the bottom left corner of the market, on the row of butchers stalls.


bioLeeds market stall at Huddersfield market

Cell-fies with a DIY microscope, smell mapping, chromatography bunting made with squished fruit from the market and melting ice that melted a bit randomly.

Organised by bioLeeds contributors Joe Corcoran, Jo Gallaway, Jo Leng, Paul Turner, Andrew Wilson.

DIY microscope

Cheek cell photo using DIY microscope, by Joe Corcoran and Paul Turner
Cheek and hair cells, taken through an upgraded version of the DIY webcam microscope, made by Joe Corcoran and Paul Turner at Leeds hackspace, and instigated at bioASMbly at ASMbly pop-up lab last year.

More news about ASMbly 2014 coming soon.

We’ll be using this at the bioLeeds market stall in Huddersfield, Saturday June 28th.

cheek cell taken through DIY microscope

Market stalls, June 26th, August 2nd

There are two bioLeeds market stalls scheduled, at Huddersfield market Saturday June 28th, and Leeds market Saturday August 2nd, 11am – 3pm.

If you are are interested in helping out with the stalls, or have any form of participatory activity you’d like to try out, please just get in touch.

bioLeeds is a group of people interested in art, design, and making with biology in Leeds city region.

It is a collective name for anything and everything that anyone wants to contribute and is open to anyone who wants to be involved.

Guerrilla gorilla. BioLeeds guerrilla activity in the Packhorse pub, Leeds.

Frustrated by the amount of time it was taking to get a market to let us use an empty stall for the bioLeeds market stall, we took things into our own hands and launched an evening of guerrilla bioLeeds activity in the Packhorse pub.

Armed with paint made from natural ingredients, brushes from the pound shop, very small canvases, chromatography paper, a webcam, some salt and a big block of ice frozen in temperatures well below zero (in a University lab somewhere in the north of England), we took over a corner of the pub and started painting.

A big thank you to the staff of the Packhorse, who took it all in good humour, and in fact didn’t even seem to notice.