bioLeeds is a group of people interested in art, design and making with biology in Leeds city region.


Archibio (or Archibiotechture?) is the largest collaboration this year, involving Andy Wilson, Drs. Leuken, Leng, Beales and Dougan, and architect Paola. What is this bioLeeds supergroup looking to do? As the name may hint, the group are interested in the way structure works at both the nano/micro-scales and the more familiar macro scales. Further to this, they wanted to see what architects might make of the complex, amazing structures that biology uses to build our cells and bodies!

As discussion has progressed, the group has found it necessary to develop a lexicon of commonly used terms – it turns out architects also frequently talk about the Young’s Modulus, or a loading tension or a myriad number of other descriptors that are just as at home in the lab. As such, a key output will be a lexicon explaining in careful detail the meaning and use of these words in both contexts.

In a more physical sense, however, the group are also looking to building some nano-structures on a macro scale at ASMbly (and playing around with them a little…) to facilitate interaction with these structures, and to test how applicable they could be to the world of architecture – or if the world of architecture can also shed some light on the nano-scopic world too!