bioLeeds is a group of people interested in art, design and making with biology in Leeds city region.

Context and Analogies

Dr. Paul Beales, Dr. Lorna Dougan, Dr. Jo Leng and Vicky Ola are looking into the role context and analogies plays in our understanding of science and how we choose to comunicate science to scientists and the public.

To explore how we use and understand scientific analogies we developed 2 activites for ASMbly 2015:

  • The main activity gave a acientific analogy that has come out of research into cell membranes and relates to how molecules that are attached to the cell surface move across the surface of the cell. People were given the analogy and asked to draw a picture of its meaning.
  • A word game was developed where the player has to match a word used in science with one of more definitions of the word.