bioLeeds is a group of people interested in art, design and making with biology in Leeds city region.

bioLeeds stall at Leeds market

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bioLeeds market stall at Huddersfield market

Cell-fies with a DIY microscope, smell mapping, chromatography bunting made with squished fruit from the market and melting ice that melted a bit randomly.

Organised by bioLeeds contributors Joe Corcoran, Jo Gallaway, Jo Leng, Paul Turner, Andrew Wilson.

DIY microscope

Cheek cell photo using DIY microscope, by Joe Corcoran and Paul Turner
Cheek and hair cells, taken through an upgraded version of the DIY webcam microscope, made by Joe Corcoran and Paul Turner at Leeds hackspace, and instigated at bioASMbly at ASMbly pop-up lab last year.

More news about ASMbly 2014 coming soon.

We’ll be using this at the bioLeeds market stall in Huddersfield, Saturday June 28th.

cheek cell taken through DIY microscope